Saturday, January 05, 2013

Wall decorations in the game room

After saying yesterday that I was going to try to make this blog more useful... I realize today that this adds a little pressure. So... you know... don't go expecting too much all the time. But here's a tip for today - if you happen to have a big game room in your basement and don't have anything on the walls.

We have a pretty big room in the basement that we didn't really know what to do with for awhile. We finally got an old pool table, some bookshelves, and there is a row of cupboards and some counter space. But we never really knew how to decorate it. So, until yesterday, we just had our old wedding picture (just as a conversation piece mostly) and a framed sheet explaining the rules of pool. Yesterday I decided to add some more pictures and things. We have several of those big cardboard display boards that the kids used to make a collage of pictures from their life for the high school graduation open houses, and I hung three of those up. That way, while people are playing pool and waiting their turn, it will give them something to look at. Plus, who wouldn't be excited to see pictures of the Horwedel's all around them. :) I know, it may get old after awhile if it's always the same people, but just like our wedding picture, it might also generate some conversation and interest and be a way for people to get to know us a little better. At least it's better than a blank wall.

I also hung up my Fighting Illini pennant, the Fort4Fitness poster we got this past year, and the framed world map we have. The map could also generate some interest and discussion. So there you have it. Now if  we only we used that room more often to entertain... We'll have to work on that.

Peace out; and in.