Monday, February 18, 2013

Healing service and a beach party

Yesterday at church we had a service of anointing and healing. A woman (Mary) has been told she needs some extensive back surgery, so she asked if the elders of the church could pray for healing (James 5:13-15). I have done this in private before, but never in public. We did it at the end of the service. I had her and her husband come up front, and the other elders, and she prayed for forgiveness of her sins, then I anointed her with oil, then I invited anyone else who wanted to come up and lay hands on her to do so. There were quite a few who did, and then we prayed. I started out, and I was quite surprised that so many others did too. Interestingly enough, I realized later that other than me everyone who prayed was a woman. Anyway, then we ended, sang 'Amazing Grace,' and we were done about 10-15 minutes later than usual. It was a really nice service - I thought.

Last night we then had our monthly 'Third Sunday Supper.' This month we had a Beach Party theme (since it's the middle of winter). So we cranked up the heat and everyone was supposed to bring a beach-type food and dress for the beach. There were a couple of swimsuits, but mostly just summer type clothes. There were about 50 people there. Jane made pulled pork (and everyone else brought something too). The kids enjoyed the hula hoop contest, and the adults shared their favorite beach location or a vacation memory. It was a nice time. We are thinking for March of doing a 'March Madness' theme, only maybe with a 'mad hatter' twist (wear your favorite hat). Or something.

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