Monday, February 11, 2013

I bought a suit

Since I have 5 weddings so far this summer I thought maybe it was time I bought a suit that fit me. I have a black one and a light gray one that are both too big. I'm thinking of having them altered a bit. But I probably needed a new one anyway.

I had looked at JCP and Kohl's, but those places are both pretty worthless for things like this anymore. So I went to Men's Warehouse, and was very pleased. I'd never bought anything at a place like this before, nor had I spent this kind of money on clothes before, but I think it will be worth it.

They had a bunch of suits that were Buy One Get One Free, but I found an everyday-low-price suit for only $220 and really liked it. I also had them tailor it a bit to fit me (never had that done before either). And... they had shirts and ties for Buy One Get One Free, so I also bought a $70 shirt (and got one free) and a $50 necktie (and got one free). So I ended up getting a suit, 2 shirts and 2 ties for what I anticipated having to spend just on the suit.

I am supposed to pick the suit up this Thursday or Friday. Depending on how good of a job they did tailoring it I may take my other two suits in and have them done too (jacket and pants). Plus I am thinking of having the shirts taken in just a little too. It's not really all that expensive to have it done.

I have to admit, even though I don't like spending money on clothes, it felt kind of good buying something nice for a change. We'll see how it turns out now.

By the way, the suit jacket is a 40 short, with some taken in around the middle. The pants were a 33 or 34 waist, and they are taking in a little around the waist as well as in the rear (and the length). It is sort of a charcoal gray, but will wear year round.

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