Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jane's birthday

Today was my lovely wife's birthday. Still under 50 and still lookin' good (not that being over 50 will make her not look good). She even had the day off of work. I was glad for that.

I started out the day thinking I needed to be in court in Bluffton at 8:45 am. When I arrived I found out the case had been postponed until May though, so I was headed back to the office a little after 9. Then I had a doctor's appointment at 2 pm. Once I did that and picked up my prescriptions the day was basically over work-wise, so I just went home.

Jane got her hair done, nails done, and went shopping. Then we went to Granite City for supper. It was pretty good. Strangely enough we both had chicken even though we'd just had chicken at home the night before. She also spent quite a bit of time on her new iPhone. I think she kind of likes it. Technically she got the new phone because she has to get rid of her old phone (and our original cell phone number) from work, but since it was near her birthday... I'm counting it as a birthday present - even though being an iPhone 4 it was free (at Best Buy) :) I did get her some purple tulips, a bag of sugar-free chocolates, and a card. Plus we're taking a little trip this weekend - which, again, is not really for her birthday - but...

All in all I think she enjoyed her birthday (hopefully). It snowed most of the day, but there wasn't a whole lot of accumulation. Just barely covered the ground.

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JAH said...

I very much enjoyed my birthday! Thanks for everything.