Thursday, April 11, 2013

The ablation

Jane had an endometrial ablation done yesterday. It's one of those "female things," so you guy friends may not care to read anymore about it. I am glad she finally had it done, and hopefully it will take care of an issue she has been dealing with for too long now.

We arrived at Lutheran hospital at 8 am. We got checked in and prepped and she went into surgery just 15 minutes late at 10:15 am. I went downstairs and got a snack, then got a cup of the free coffee in the waiting area, and found a nice quiet spot to read my book (Jamie Arpin-Ricci's 'The Cost of Community'). At 10:45 the attendant came and got me and took me into the consulting room. The doctor (Dr. Park - who is like the age of our daughter) came and explained everything to me and told me everything went fine. She is very nice. So I went back to reading some more and at 11:30 they told me I could go back and see Jane. She was awake and looked and felt pretty good. Her blood pressure was high the whole time (around 145-90 or so) but no one seemed too concerned. We sat there about a half hour and as soon as she could pee we were allowed to leave. We stopped at Wendy's on the way home because Jane wanted a baked potato. We arrived home about 12:45 or so. She ate and went to sleep, so I went out to the office. She eventually texted me and asked me to go fill her pain med prescription. She was able to eat and everything, but I think she mostly snoozed the rest of the day into the evening.

She is supposed to start feeling better today - now that the anesthesia should be worn off. She woke up with a headache this morning, but that could just be all the rain and thunderstorms we had last night. Or it could be the anesthesia, or the pain pills, or... maybe just a headache.

I do have to say, I really like how Lutheran has that great big waiting area. Few things make me as uncomfortable as having to sit in a confined area with a bunch of people. It seems there is always someone who wants to make "small talk." I have a hard time with small talk.

One sad incident from yesterday... When we arrived and were waiting to check in there was this guy with a young daughter (maybe 5 or 6). The guy sat there playing on his phone the entire time and you could tell the daughter just wanted him to notice her. He kept telling her to leave him alone. That was sad enough, but then she fell on his leg at one point. He yelled at her and told her to sit down and quit crying. She tried holding it back but didn't do a real good job. Jane finally looked over and she had blood running out of her nose. Just when we were about to say something the idiot finally noticed and dashed her off to the restroom. I felt really bad for the poor girl; and wanted to smack her dad.

Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful day - for me. I was glad Jane woke up okay this time too. The last time she was in the hospital I couldn't get her to wake up afterwards. Things went pretty smooth this time. She has the rest of the week off work now.

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