Friday, May 10, 2013

Five things friday

1. Dang, I almost forgot it was Friday. It's kind of hard to tell what day it is anymore.

2. I bought a running hat and a new knee brace this week. I've never had a running hat before. I suppose now that I'm old I need to worry about burning the top of my head. Plus I sweat a lot, and a sweat band just doesn't look too good out in public.

3. I started a new paper journal. I haven't been doing real good in the paper journal for awhile - mostly just stuff I don't want to share on here - but I thought I would journal the sabbatical there instead of here. It could be pretty messy for awhile.

4. I probably did way more than I wanted to do on this first week off. I keep being told I need to cut myself more slack (or give myself more grace). I'm trying.

5. I was thinking.... there is a big difference between just 'listening' to someone, and actually trying to 'understand' someone. I don't think most people want or need someone to just 'listen.' I think most people want someone to try to understand where they're coming from.

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