Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another weekend home

Last weekend we made another trip back home to Illinois. We were out late Friday night watching the ZZ Top cover band 'Eliminator' at Ribfest. Then Jane had to get up and work Saturday morning and I had the 5k. We both got home, got some lunch, packed, and then hit the road. We went the Chicago route again and once again made it in 4 1/2 hours. We arrived at my parents, went to Reds to eat, dropped my parents off, stopped at Tim's house to see his new baby (Isaac). Tim and Elizabeth weren't home, but Mark and Christine were there babysitting. We chatted there for awhile then went to the pub to hang with some old friends and classmates.

They had a band at the pub made up of people from the classes of 1981 and 1978, so there were people from both of those classes there. It was sort of an impromptu class reunion of sorts. I saw some people from the class of 78 that I hadn't seen in a long time. We also saw quite a few other people from back home. The place was fairly well packed and we had a good time. There weren't a lot from my class there: Me, Foist, Dave, Lisa, Julie, and Shelley. It was still a fun time. Of course we ended up closing the place down again, and then sat out on main street talking with Lisa, Julie and Crystal until 2:15 their time (which is 3:15 am our time).

I always like going to this pub because the owners are always happy to see us. Even though they make no bones about the fact that they aren't "Christians," they still like to talk about it and are always very respectful. They are really nice guys and we have some good talks. We had a real good talk with the one owner Saturday night - even though he was fairly drunk. Then we talked about faith and God and Jesus and stuff with Lisa, Julie and Crystal outside along main street. You know, those are the things that I really enjoy. I feel more comfortable talking about those things in a bar than I do sitting in a church building. I also think it helps that there is no confusion over whether I am trying to invite them to church or not. I just enjoy talking with people about those things. So it was a good night.

We wanted to get back for the end of Ribfest so we left early the next morning. When my parents left for church at 9 am, we headed for home. A Sunday with no church. That was weird, and I don't like not going somewhere on a Sunday, but I suppose we will survive.

When we got back we took a short nap and then went to Ribfest. The Feipel's met us there and we ate supper and listened to the music until it was done. It was a good weekend.

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