Sunday, June 02, 2013

More happy (pills)

I upped my dosage of Zoloft (sertraline) yesterday. I started out on 50 mg near the end of February. Yesterday I started taking one and a half of those. So I am now doing 75 mg a day. I'm not sure how long it will take to kick in, but I'm hoping to see some improvement in the next week or two.

My doctor said I could go to 75 and then 100 depending on the side effects, and that 100 mg is the normal adult dosage for people who need it (though some people only need the 50 and that works for them). The 50 mg's really helped with my ocd (obsessive-compulsive disorder), but it hasn't been picking me up very well. It leveled off the highs, but not the lows. So we will see how this goes.

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MR said...

Well don't get discouraged with it, you may have to let them guinea pig you a little bit. Michelle tried a few things before they nailed it. Obviously there's no silver bullet for everyone, depends on your body chemistry or something. I forget how her Dr. put it, but it was something about leveling the playing field of emotions and letting your experiences do the rest. The "feel wonderful all the time" pills, she said, are sold on the street. I had to keep from smiling when she came home in a bad mood, complaining about her bad day and co-workers, because anyone would call that a bad day. Also, I found taking her to dinner on that bad day tended to salvage it. Like I said, they nailed it.