Tuesday, June 04, 2013

New running shoes

I bought a new pair of running shoes the other day (Thursday, May 30th). They are the Nike Air Pegasus+28. I got them at Kohl's for $70.

I wasn't really even looking for a new pair when I was there. I DID need a new pair, but hadn't gotten to the point of looking yet. But I was just browsing around and found these on sale from last year. I actually tried these on and almost bought them at the running store last year. So I thought, "what the heck," and went ahead and bought them.

I've actually been running in my shoes from the time before. The one's I bought last year - which I trained for and ran the half in - are stretched out and hurt my feet now. So I just wear them for my "everyday" shoes. When I put these Nike's on it was like.... walking on pillows. They felt so soft compared to my old shoes.

I haven't had a pair of Nike's for a long, long time. I probably haven't had Nike running shoes since high school. So we will see how these do. They feel a little long, but having run in them both on the treadmill and outdoors now, I think they will work.

A funny thing.... when I tried them on at the store and put them back in the box to take them to the cash register I noticed on the bottom of the box there was still a bit of wrapping paper taped there. Apparently these were a gift for someone at some time. But now they're mine.