Monday, August 05, 2013

Bowling, church, end the sabbital, and things

We had our annual bowling outing yesterday. We didn't have a very big turnout, but it was a good time nonetheless. Jane and I, Dave and Joni, and Mike. The pizza was good as usual, among other things. We always go to Thunderbowl, and we got there just as they opened at 4 pm. I didn't bowl very well most of the night - in fact I got the lowest score on the first few games - but I switched hands the entire night, so at the end neither of my arms were too sore (I am equally bad with my left or right hand). I'm sure that is why my best game was the last one (152). I think I only broke 100 one other time. It was a fun time, as always.

We also went to a new church yesterday. A storefront church on N. Anthony. Erica told us about it, and it turns out the pastor had done a wedding at my old church one time. It was smallish (maybe 30 people), but it "felt" good. It was almost like son Isaac's church - only for people more our age. The music was led with just an electric guitar, but it was good (I really liked Amazing Grace done to the tune and with the chorus of the Eagles 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'). And this was the first church where we liked both the music and the preaching. I could see us not only being ministered too at this place, but also having a place of ministry ourselves. I just wish it wasn't so far north (it did only take us 13 minutes, and we hit a bunch of red lights). I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm though, because it was just one visit. We would still like to try some other ones, but this one is a definite possibility. It was a nice day.

Today is actually when I was supposed to start back to work following the sabbatical. Eh... I guess that's not going to happen. I don't think the reality has sunk in yet. I still cannot believe it. Harumph.

Jane was supposed to have a 3-day weekend but I woke up when I heard her phone vibrate with a text at 4 am. It was a girl from her work letting her know she was sick. So Jane had to open up today and work til 5. I felt bad waking her up... and also not having a job myself. Ugh.

This week I hope to start getting to work on the 4 weddings I have coming up, and also try to get a handle on what to do with all the books and stuff piled in the basement now. Next week will involve another step.

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MR said...

it WAS a good time! And as you can see by the fact that the rightmost letters of the keyboard are in this sentence, my arm is still hanging from shoulder. And now I know to watch from a safe distance when Jane bowls, as she doesn't always arrive at the line with the ball. hahaha!