Thursday, August 01, 2013

I took it all off

I am now one step removed from the John Groce look. I gave myself a haircut yesterday and went down to a #1 clipper. I suppose I could go with no guard at all, but I would surely cut my head. It looks a little weird since it is whitey white where I had hair on the sides, but I think once it gets evenly tanned I might like it. I should save money on haircuts, plus I won't need a comb or shampoo. I still may try shaving it at some point, but for now I think I will keep it like this. Yes, it has gotten to that.

I tried getting some sun yesterday by going to a Tincaps game. Of course it was total cloud cover and drizzled the entire game. There is always a hat in the meantime.


MR said...

One other guy who ended up with a signature style saving money on haircuts: Bob Ross (PBS instructional painter).

I was actually invited to that drizzly Tin Caps game. My sister called to see if I wanted to play hooky. I wasn't feeling that wonderful (lack of sleep) and I could tell it was going to rain so I declined. Sounds like I would have seen you and Jerry there.

dan horwedel said...

Jane was not there, but you would have seen Jerry and a mess of his grandsons. :)