Friday, September 20, 2013

Blood pressure (off the meds) and diet (again)

I was near one of those blood pressure machines yesterday and didn't have anything better to do so I checked it. It was 98/67! So I checked it again: 100/70. So I went to the other side and checked it a third time: 100/71. I suppose maybe that's why I've been feeling a little tired this week. I guess I can probably stop taking the blood pressure medicine again (Lisinopril 20 mg). I stopped taking it today and we'll see how it goes. The doctor did say he thought I only needed it temporarily.

In other news, I wanted to drop some weight before the half marathon (I want to carry as little weight over 13 miles as possible) so I tried going back on the protein diet this week. Monday was not so good, but from then until today I have lost 6 pounds. I woke up this morning at 149! Another 5 pounds would be great, but I could live with anything under 150. I think that is when I feel the best.

Of course, I still have some belly fat I need to lose and would like to replace with muscle. I quit lifting weights a couple weeks ago. Since muscle weighs more than fat, I wanted to drop weight however I could. So my goal after the half is to start lifting again, but keep trimming the fat. I will likely add some weight, but hopefully it will be in a different place. But.... I'm sure none of this will matter when we go out to eat tonight. Just dreaming... 

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