Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sprayed the backyard for bugs (and fixing the clogging problem)

I sprayed the backyard for bugs yesterday. I used the Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer that you hook a garden hose to (blue bottle). I tried to do it earlier in the summer and did a little of the yard but it kept getting plugged up and didn't mix very well. I had the same problem yesterday, but I found a fix for it.

I've had the same problem when I hook the sprinkler to our hose. I thought there were little pebbles or something in the hose that were clogging things, but now I think it must be little insect eggs inside the hose. I have tried just running the water for awhile before I hook anything to the hose to clear it out, but it didn't help. So I stole one of Jane's nylons and draped it over the hose before screwing it into the bottle of bug spray. That did the trick. Now if I can just remember that for the next time.

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