Sunday, October 13, 2013

A hole in one and a boy turns one

My dad got a hole-in-one playing golf on Friday, which was also his first great-grandson's first birthday. This was the second hole-in-one he's gotten in his life. He will be 81 years old in a couple weeks. He still tries to play golf every chance he gets. I think it was last year or the year before that he played every month of the year. Which wouldn't necessarily be anything special, except it was all in Illinois where they live. Mom said he was moping around the house Friday because he couldn't find anybody to play with him, so she finally gave in and said she'd go. She was glad she did, and said there were quite a few people at the club, so it cheered dad up quite a bit to get to tell everyone he got another hole-in-one.

Bennett has a very nice birthday party at our house last night. Lots of people and lots of fun. I'll have more about that later, and maybe with some pics too.

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MR said...

If the trend keeps up your Dad will have to settle for a hole in TWO next year.