Monday, October 28, 2013

Dad's birthday, gramma's chair

My dad turned 81 today (as did his twin sister). We happened to be at my parent's house for his birthday for a change. We were in town for Jane's niece Laura's wedding, and dad's birthday was a couple days after. Unfortunately we forgot his card. We ordered him a gift basket from Harry David Gourmet Gifts - though it is to share with my mom as a gift for both of their birthdays (hers is this Saturday; same day as mine).

When we were getting ready to leave, my mom asked if I wanted this rocking chair. Apparently my sister already has one of my grandma Horwedel's chairs (or something), so they wanted me to have this one. It actually belonged to my great, great grandma Horwedel (Edith), but my grandma Horwedel (Leona) used to use it to snap peas and she used it to rock my dad and his twin sister when they were born. She was very small, and it is a pretty small chair. I never knew the story on this chair, so I was glad to take it. Now I need to write all that stuff down and staple it to the bottom of the chair.

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