Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fertilized the lawn for fall

My friend Kenny gave me a fertilizer spreader/broadcaster, so I bought a bag of Scotts 'Turf Builder Winterguard with Plus 2 Weed Control' and put it on the lawn early Monday morning (10/14). It is supposed to "Kill dandelions and other major lawn weeds, Build strong deep roots, and improve the lawns ability to absorb water and nutrients." I bought a 15 lb (14.64) bag, and I think it was $9.99.

The smallish spreader he gave me is just perfect for our lawn, and I didn't quite use the wholeScotts is supposed to be guaranteed not to burn. So we will see how this does, and hopefully I can start fertilizing regularly now that I have a broadcast spreader.
bag. It worked much better than the drop spreader I used the one time last year, and the cheap Menard's fertilizer that burned my lawn.

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MR said...

I've heard a lot of talk radio personalities that broadcast fertilizer. (rimshot)