Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sold the farm

Jane and I no longer own any farmland. We sold our 39.1 acres to her nephew. We signed the papers this past Monday (10/28/13), and yesterday the money was transferred into our account. Personally, I'm kind of torn, because it was nice to own some land and know it would always be there. It's also nice to be out of debt though and know that we got a good price for it. I'm sure we could have sold it for more, but we were glad it was able to stay in the family. This was apparently the first farm in Jane's family, and will now be farmed by the 7th generation. All in all, it's a strange feeling, which I'm just trying to ignore.

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MR said...

I don't know what the idea of that farm was doing for you, but the out of debt thing is my goal in LIFE! Congratulations!!! I think the peace of mind that comes from not having the weight of debt on you makes for at least 30% more good days (let's say). And just an overall better attitude. Wherever you go from here, you can make the decision w/o obligation to debt.