Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lunch and dinner with old friends and new

Yesterday I went out for lunch and dinner. I took my pastor out for lunch in New Haven at a little Italian place called Mancino's. That just seems weird to write/say - the fact that I 'have' a pastor, instead of that I 'am' a pastor. Anyway, Chris was actually the one who invited me to go out for lunch, but I bought his because I was the one wanting to talk with him. We just chatted about stuff: running, pastoring, life stories, how things work at their church, etc. It was good. It lasted about 70 minutes. We also saw Craig, the worship leader, who was meeting someone there.

Then last night Jane and I got invited out for supper with some old friends from our former church. Linda H. texted me the night before and wondered if we were available. So we met Bob & Linda and Harry & Ruby at the Halls on Bluffton Road. We had a good time, and Bob bought our supper. I liked hearing about things that were happening in their lives - they are really good people - but I have to admit, I didn't really care to hear about stuff going on at the old church. Not that I minded them asking me questions - because they are still really confused about what happened (as are we) - but as they talked about some of the things going on I just kind of got a little sick to my stomach. Overall it was a really good time though. I wish we could visit with more people from the old church. I mean, we spent FOURTEEN YEARS there, for crying out loud. We care about those people; and some of them care about us. They're the only one's that have reached out to us though, and the way I understand things we're not supposed to contact anyone. So... it's all just kind of sad still.

But yesterday was a nice day.

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