Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving day

We had a rather quiet Thanksgiving day this year. We celebrated with the kids on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. So we didn't do a whole lot on the actual day (yesterday).

We were up pretty late the night before getting into season 4 of Breaking Bad. We ended up sleeping in on Thursday until 10 am. We lounged around and drank coffee, and I had a protein drink for breakfast. I tried watching some of the Thanksgiving Day parade, but between the announcers and the musical performances... it didn't last long. Ugh. We planned to go see a movie, but there just didn't seem to be any worthwhile shows playing. Finally we just decided to go out for lunch. We intended to go to Spyro's, but apparently they were closed. So we ended up at IHOP (we had a coupon, so we tipped really well). We both had the 'quick 2-egg breakfast' (eggs over medium, hash browns, bacon, and toast).

After that we drove around for awhile. We drove through Fort Wayne, then we headed out past the old church and around the countryside. Eventually we headed home and decided to put up the Christmas tree. We usually put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but since we didn't have anything else to do... We put it in front of the picture window and put the marble-top table in front of the West window. We put the dining room table back in the middle of the room, and brought the little desk out of the spare bedroom and put it on the West wall to put the computer on. That's where I'm sitting now.

We watched bits and pieces of the Cowboys/Raiders game, and I had a salad for supper. I don't know if Jane ever even ate anything. I guess her and Anna shared a bowl of popcorn later on. I also had a protein bar around 8 pm. The Feipels brought the kids over around 5:30 or so because they were spending the night. Carrie has to work from 4 am to noonish on Black Friday, so the kids spent the night and I am babysitting them until she gets off work (since I'm the only one that doesn't have to work). Jane gave them both a bath and Bennett went right to sleep at 8 pm. Anna fell asleep on the couch not too long after that, and Jane and I were able to watch two more episodes of Breaking Bad before heading to bed at 11.

I couldn't sleep for some reason, so I am actually writing this at 3 am. I am hoping this will make me tired. So far it doesn't seem to be working.

So... that was our exciting Thanksgiving Day.

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MR said...

Breaking Bad gave me insomnia the week that I watched the whole series to catch up to the finale. It ain't cartoons, that's for sure.