Sunday, December 15, 2013

7 inches of snow

We received 7 inches of snow between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. It was a wet/heavy snow too. Fortunately it wasn't blowing and drifting (yet). Of course Jane had to work Saturday morning from 8-12. I shoveled a path on one side of the driveway so she could get in when she got back home and not track over the snow. Around 4:30 - when it was letting up - I was just getting ready to go out and shovel the rest of the drive (plus what I'd already done that had since filled in again) and I heard the neighbor (Bruce) out front with his giant snowblower. Awesome. A little later I went out and just shoveled the sidewalk and it about killed my back. I think I am definitely going to get a snowblower. Just a small single-stage one, because I just need it for the concrete driveway and a small piece of sidewalk. I will likely check at Sears and Menards, but will probably end up going to Mutton's and see what they have.

I should probably add... the city actually plowed our street sometime during the night. I was surprised they did it so soon. Usually it's about a week after, or at least several days after. Nice.

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MR said...

There you go, HOSPITAL bills! I was going to say that it pays for itself in appreciation the first day, but when you factor in your back, you might as well buy three of 'em.