Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Bagging leaves

The city comes to pick up our leaves by the curb twice a year. This year the trees were slow in dropping their leaves, so the first time the city was scheduled to gather them, we didn't yet have any on the ground. Even the second time - at the end of November - we didn't have a whole lot. People were speculating that they would do another pick-up later in the year, so almost everyone in our neighborhood has a curb full of leaves piled up. I finally got tired of looking at the big piles in front of our house, and I don't really think the city is going to come back through again, so I put them all in bags this week. First I bought a pack of 5 bags at Menards. That hardly seemed to make a dent. So I bought another 5-pack at Meijers yesterday, and I almost got them all. It had rained, so they compressed pretty good, and I was able to get the rest in the garbage dumpster. So they are finally all gone. Of course now I have 10 bags of leaves that I'm going to need to haul out for the garbage pick-up Friday. Along with a full garbage dumpster and a full recycling dumpster. At least the snowplow won't spread them all over the road when that starts flying.

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