Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Breaking bad

Jane bought me all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad on DVD for my birthday (11/2). We just finished the entire series Saturday night. Geez Louise, we got ourselves addicted. I am, however, glad we are done. I think I was starting to think a bit too much like Walter White, and that's not good. I can clearly see why many call this the best TV series ever, and how it set a record for 'most watched.'

I won't go into the details of the show - in case you haven't seen it and want to - but you can always read up on it on Wikipedia if you want to know what it's about. It is called a "modern-day western." I don't think it's because it has any cowboys in it, but it's the classic story line where the supposed "good guys" do bad things and the "bad guys" are really good on the inside. Jane and I were both rooting for Jesse and Saul by the end of the series (and Michael a little), though I always felt bad for Walter.  This 'good vs. bad' tension is probably why I liked it, but it was also more of a movie-quality TV show than what you find on network TV. The dialogue was more real, and you had to come to many of your own conclusions based on the character's demeanor and expressions; rather than like most TV shows where the characters have these totally unrealistic conversations that are really just meant to let us viewers know what's going on. It left more un-said - which I think pulls the viewer in a bit more, but also requires more effort.

One thing I would like to point out... If you do like us and buy all 5 seasons on DVD, don't think you're done when you get to the final episode of season 5. We were all psyched for the last episode (episode 8 of season 5) and were really confused and somewhat disappointed when we thought that was the way it ended. Then we discovered that there is a "Part 2" to season 5 that didn't come with the set. It is called "The Final Season," and is 8 more episodes. So we had to buy that separate. A nice marketing gimmick, but there was no way we weren't going to get it (which, I'm sure, is the whole point).

I thought this was a superbly done series, and I really liked it, but I don't know that I would recommend it for everyone. There is a good bit of blood and guts, and the subject matter isn't good for everyone. Like I said, I got hooked, but I was kind of glad when it was over. I didn't need to get any "higher," so to speak.

All in all it was a great birthday present. It is currently pushing Sienfeld status as far as things Jane and I refer to throughout the day. Which is saying quite a bit.

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