Saturday, January 11, 2014

Colonoscopy and other interesting insights

Jane had her every-3-year colonoscopy yesterday, and everything was fine once again. I only mention it here so someday when she says, "I wonder when I had my last colonoscopy," I can just do a search of my blog and we will know. She woke up much better this time, but it wasn't much fun for her to wake up DURING it. At least it's over. We got to the hospital at 6:30 am; the procedure was at 8; and we were gone by 9:30. Dr. Wallet (yes, that's his name) did it.

In other random news...

I closed by myself again yesterday. The guy who was supposed to come in at 4 wasn't able to, and my trainer had to leave, so both Thursday and Friday I worked alone from 3:30-5:30. Things went much smoother yesterday than the day before. I 'closed day' by myself, I overlocked 3 units, had several phone calls, and I cleaned the bathroom and finished mopping the floor (from Thursday). Then at 5:30 I was outta there.

As I woke up and laid in bed this morning I was thinking about buying my names domain name ( I guess I need to check and see if it is available first (I imagine it's pretty popular). I'm not exactly sure how to go about purchasing a domain name - even though I've done it before - and I don't know if I really want to change the domain of this blog or not... but it still probably wouldn't hurt to have it if I'm going to keep working at this.

Awhile back I was reading another one of those articles about how everyone should find one thing to be good at, and if you just keep doing it, eventually you'll be good at it. I racked my brain for days trying to think of something I could be good at, and eventually just ended up being bummed out because it didn't seem like I had a "one thing." It finally occurred to me this morning that maybe this is it. Maybe it's this blog... or at least just daily writing. I know I'm not a great writer, and I haven't spent any time learning to write, but dammit... it's at least something I can do; and do do. So I'm going to go with the - this is my one thing I'm just going to do, and keep doing - even if it doesn't make sense or isn't anything spectacular. There, I said it.

Now my mind is wandering to the Neil Young lyric, "I am a lonely visitor/I came to late to cause a stir/though I campaigned all my life/towards that goal..."

Enough for today. Peace out, peeps. And in.

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JAH said...

It is a very good one thing. :)