Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Greeters and football

We were greeters at church again this past Sunday. This time we were at the East entrance; we also have name tags now! It's a little bit amazing just how meaningful something as simple as opening the door for people at church can be at this point in life. It's also probably pretty sad. Anyway, the East entrance is a little different than the West. The doors are closer together for one thing (between the first set of doors and the second). I also think more "regular" people come in the East doors. One of the good things is that they have speakers out there though, so we can hear the music when it starts. That's the worst part about greeting - we miss out on the first 10 minutes of music - because the music at Grace is one of the best things about it to me. But it's worth it to get to pitch in and help out.

We also had a party to attend this past Sunday. Dr. John hosted a small group of us for the AFC and NFC championship games. It wasn't a big crowd: just Jane and I, Mike, Kenny, Dr. John, Amish John, and Dave and Joni came late. It was a nice time nonetheless. Kenny had picked up a case of Yuengling in Ohio, Jane made some fantastic munchies, and Dr. John treated us all to Hungry Howie's pizza. The football was just a reason to get together. Let's see... it was Denver vs. New England, and San Francisco vs. Seattle. There, I remembered.

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MR said...

The playoffs were great! Although I've caught Bronchitis supporting Denver, the tenacity of Seattle was clear in that second game. The first game was just more professional. While the second had a lot more stupid mistakes, it made for a good game to watch. Seattle may win this just by playing caveman football.