Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have work shirts, and stellhorn

I started working at the Stellhorn facility yesterday - which means I also worked with the son-in-law (because that's the facility he manages). He happened to be late yesterday though - because he had a dentist appointment - so I started out the day with a crash course in sales training by the general manager. It was actually kind of interesting, because for some odd reason I like sales. I don't know that I do it right, but it's interesting anyway. Drew finally showed up around 11 and then it was just the two of us the rest of the day.

When I got there the GM had a couple of old work shirts for me. They are way too big for me, and they are from the Lima/Cook facility, but they're work shirts nonetheless. I've never had a work shirt with a decal and stuff on it. Hopefully, once I am placed at my permanent facility, maybe I'll get some shirts that actually fit me and that aren't worn out. :)

I had not been to the Stellhorn facility before yesterday, and it is niiiiice. It is the newest, and also the largest, facility we have. It has a giant office area (at least compared to Dupont). It is also a lot warmer. Plus the climate controlled buildings are all accessible from the office and they're all connected, so you don't have to go outside from one to the other. That is nice.

I'm not sure how long I will be at this facility, but it's kind of nice to work with Drew.... Plus we decided we can carpool to work and back. I suppose I'll be there as long as the owners want me to be. I guess they also decided that I am supposed to be the only one getting overtime. Apparently they want me to get as much training in as soon as I can. At least the most I can get is 45 hours a week, so that's not bad.

So.... that's about it.

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Tom said...

When I first glanced at the title I thought it said "skirts" instead of "shirts." Dan in a work skirt would be a very disturbing sight.