Monday, January 13, 2014

Oops (furnace)

Last night I discovered why I 'thought' we were having furnace trouble this time last week. If you remember, last Monday when it was so bitterly cold (what was it, -15; -20?), we woke up Monday morning and the inside temp was only 61 even though our furnace was set on 68. Well, apparently at some point I had set the schedule on the thermostat to drop the temp to 60 at night on the weekends. Our house is really well insulated, so it normally doesn't drop much during the night, but since it was so cold last week, it obviously did drop to 60 and had only warmed up to 61 when we got up. That makes me feel better to find that out. So I reset the schedule to have the thermostat on 68 when we wake up, 62 during the day while we're gone, 68 when we get home, and 65 at night when we're in bed.

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