Friday, January 31, 2014

Self-storage counselor

This is from my sales training. I actually like it. Since many people who are renting storage space are likely going through some type of life-event crisis (moving, divorce, death, etc.), we need to think of what we do as much more than just renters of storage units. So...

I am not here just to rent storage units. I am a self-storage counselor. I am here to help you solve whatever dilemma you are facing that requires you to need storage space, and to make this as quick and easy for you as I possibly can. We have multiple sizes of storage units to fit your need, we provide the lock for free, a moving truck for free, everything from boxes to bubble wrap; we offer the safety and security of 24-hour video surveillance, access-control gating, on-site managers, and the convenience of 24-hour accessibility. Everything you need is right here, so how can I help?

That's my spiel and I'm sticking to it.

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JAH said...

It's a great spiel. :)