Thursday, February 06, 2014

Debt free

We became financially debt-free this year. We have no car loans, no more student loans, and we recently paid off the mortgage on our house. The weird thing is... I always thought it would feel different. Maybe it's because I haven't really seen it on paper -I don't manage our money (I let the banker do that) - but I can't exactly say I feel any freer. Sure, it's nice knowing we don't have any debt... But you never know when catastrophe may strike. I don't know. It's nice to be debt-free. It's just not as nice of a feeling as I thought it might be. Maybe I need to learn to be more content. We really have been blessed.


MR said...

this may be a bigger thing for me because I'm not party of a couple. Essentially, when you boil it down, debt free is security. Being in a couple probably is security in itself. You work as a team with two incomes. And yeah, I would think Jane would really see it the most when she pays the bills and leaves the rest in savings, and her imagination drifts off to tropical islands..haha.

Jim Lehmer said...

Congratulations either way! I am sure it will hit you sooner or later.

We are working toward that goal. We have no credit cards nor car payments (thank you, Dave Ramsey). Right now all that's left is the house (still have a ways on that). It will take us a bit longer since we still have so many people at home so it is harder to double down on the house payments.

Pastor D said...

Dave Ramsey would be proud! Congratulations!