Monday, February 03, 2014

Who won the 2013/14 super bowl

It seems every football season I forget who won the previous year's Super Bowl. So I will make it easy on myself. This year the Seattle Seahawks handily beat up and down the Denver Broncos. The score was 43-8, but it was actually much worse than that. The stage seemed to be set from the very first play of the game when the ball was hiked over Peyton Mannings head into the end zone for a safety. Even though Peyton did set a record for completions, the game was never in doubt. It was 22-0 at the half, and the Seahawks opened the second half by running the kickoff back for a touchdown.

I am one of the many who never used to like Pete Carroll. That kind of changed toward the end of this season. I think he legitimately just loves what he does and seems to be a real 'players coach.' I find it hard not to be happy for them.

I am also not a big Peyton Manning fan. Not that I don't like him. I respect him, and think he makes funny commercials - probably a great guy - but he's just another football player to me.

Anyway, I watched the game at bees with Mike, and basically nobody else. The place was almost empty. Jane was in Illinois with the Feipel clan. It seems weird that it was only a year ago that we had a party at our house with some of the church leaders. Hmmm...

But this was about the Super Bowl. Seattle defeated Denver 43-8. I bet not a lot of people remember that Seattle actually started out as an AFC team. I believe they're the only team to ever switch conferences. Oh well.

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