Friday, March 21, 2014

My first auction (almost)

Let me start by saying that I have never seen the tv show Storage Wars. The company I work for does exactly that though. When someone has rented a storage unit and they go a certain amount of time without paying their bill, we can auction off their stuff. I guess we hold an auction about every other month or so. This past Wednesday was the first one we've had since I have been employed here. Unfortunately -for me - the facility I manage didn't have enough units fit for auction to be included.

Our company owns six facilities, and only two of the six had enough for an auction this time. Son-in-law Drew was one of the two that was able to host an auction. Too many of my customers either paid up, worked out a deal, or didn't have enough stuff worth bidding on.

There are pretty strict laws in Indiana about auctioning off storage units, so it's a pretty big deal when we have one. Even though we ended up not having one at our location, there was still quite a bit of time and effort involved. Such is my life now.

I guess what happens is, it works just like any auction in that everyone gets a bidding number. Then they open the door on a unit, and everyone gets to walk past the door one time. Then they start the bidding based on what you were able to see during your one pass.

I'm sure I will get to see it firsthand before too long, but not this time. I should probably watch the show sometime too.

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