Thursday, March 27, 2014

My new eye glasses

I picked up my new eye glasses last night after work. It was a minor pain, because I went there to get them in the morning, but wasn't able to. I got a text and an email Tuesday afternoon that my glasses were in and I could stop by anytime between 8 am and 5 pm to pick them up - no appointment necessary. That worked out perfect for me to get them before I needed to be at work at 9:30 am. So I stopped at about 8:30 yesterday morning, and the lady at the desk says the person who does that doesn't come in until 10 am. I paused - debating whether I should say something or not - but then just asked how late they were open. She says they're open until 7 pm. So, believe it or not, I decided to just say "thanks" and went back at 6 pm on my way home from work. I probably should have found a nice way to tell them they might want to change the wording of their texts and emails... but I've found I apparently just can't tell people things in a nice way.

Anyway, after ordering them last Thursday, they came in on Tuesday, and I stopped after work Wednesday to pick them up. The office was packed. It took about 25 minutes and I was on my way. The new glasses are quite different from the old ones. These are black, and they go all the way around the lens. My old ones were kind of a coppery color, and didn't have anything along the bottom.

I like them alright, but I'm still getting adjusted to them. I've worn glasses since the 3rd grade, and I always hate getting a new pair and adjusting the fit to my head. My prescription must have change a bit too, because things look pretty weird. It's hard to explain, but it makes me feel a little 'out-of-sorts.' I'm sure it will be fine in a day or so.

I opted against a picture. I'm trying to walk that fine line between narcissism, journaling and being helpful. So... that's about all there is to say about that. I do at least think I can see better. Which is always helpful.

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