Friday, March 14, 2014

Paint fumes

I still have the smell of paint/sealant in my mouth and nostrils. My office is in an approximately 50'x120' building that used to house a half dozen other offices. They gutted the whole thing (other than my office and one other) and are converting it into self-storage space. Yesterday they painted and sealed the entire concrete floor. The fumes were pretty powerful. I tried to go outside as much as I could but there are just some things I need to do inside. I finally opened the door in the afternoon, but it was rather chilly. I couldn't decide if the fumes were worse, or the cold. I was a bit sick to my stomach when I got up and I am not looking forward to going in today. At least it's supposed to warm up this afternoon. I will probably update this later on, once I find out how bad the fumes are today compared to yesterday.

The fumes were incredible when I got to work. We opened the only window and occasionally opened the door. It didn't help a lot, and it was still a bit chilly. Finally we asked the owners if we could open the doors (front and back) to the rest of the building. That helped quite a bit, but we still had to keep our window open. It also made it smell almost everywhere around the building outside. This was not a fun day. I'm glad I am off this weekend.

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