Saturday, March 29, 2014

Treasures from the trash

I wrote the other day of the bicycles I found at work. Last week I found a few more "treasures."

I don't remember which day it was, but one day there was a rather large duffel bag in the dumpster. It looked like it was a nice one, and when I opened it I found a tent, some tarps still in the bag, a bedroll, and some of those warming candles. Looks to me like someone who was once homeless has found a place to live. Not knowing where everything had been, I just took the two tarp that were still in the bag, and I took the tent. I may go ahead and throw the tent away. I wasn't sure what kind of shape it was in.

Then, yesterday, I had a guy moving out of his unit and he asked if I wanted his shelving. It is a 6'Hx4'Wx18"D metal shelf complete with the boards. It is in really nice shape, so I gladly accepted. I was able to tear it down and fit it into the Buick. I brought it home and put it up in the laundry room.

I really need to watch what I bring home though, because I'm liable to start collecting more stuff that my dad... and that's not good. I would actually like to start unloading items. But, it's hard to pass up a good deal.

Such is life.

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Christmas comes early!