Monday, March 31, 2014

You're okay

If you haven't seen the movie Captain Phillips and you plan to, then don't read any further or watch this clip from the end of it. When I wrote about watching it earlier I mentioned the ending, but not everything.

The first time I saw the movie, what brought me to tears was this final scene. It was the woman who kept saying, "You're okay"... "You're safe now"... You're okay." Again, not that what we have been through the past year was anything like what the real Captain Phillips had to endure, but what I think we have longed for the most while trying to deal with the pain and heartache is someone to simply do that for us... Someone to just tell us that "we're okay;" "everything will be alright."

Fear and doubt and pain are things we all have to deal with from time to time. They do not have to do us in, but they're sure a lot easier to manage when we have someone to assure us in those times. Someone willing to speak the truth that we know to be true, but we're just not fully able to process it ourselves at the time.

So... I was just thinking about this again on Sunday afternoon. We heard a great sermon on forgiveness. I think forgiveness (and reconciliation) is possible... but I/we sure could use someone to tell us "we're okay" from time to time. Call us weak if you will. It is what it is.

Here is the scene from the end of Captain Phillips:


Pastor D said...

You are, for the sake of Christ, loved and treasured and of value in this world, apart from your perception another’s evaluation or your own feelings or failures. It’s a reality that comes from outside of you, hanging there on the cross. This does not mean that we are free from suffering, failure or loss. We often fail and fail miserably. The stuff of self identity is the difference between the words "do" and "done". Nothing trumps your identity in Christ. And yes, "we're OK!"

dan horwedel said...

Thanks, Dan. I appreciate your continued and consistent encouragement. Blessings, my friend.