Monday, April 07, 2014

Takaoka, o's and comedy

We went to Takaoka for Japanese food with the group last night. It was Mike, Kenny, Dr. John, Amish John, and Dave & Joni. This was kind of a late celebration of Amish John's birthday. I think everyone there had a gift card from Mike, so everyone's supper ended up on him. :) I had the usual combo chicken/filet. It was also the usual gooood. I forced myself to not eat it all so I can have it, plus Jane's leftovers, for lunch today. I'm hoping the garage was cool enough last night because I left the leftovers on the garage step all night. I'm sure it's alright. Right?

Anyway, after supper, and looking over Dave & Joni's new vehicle, we (almost) all headed to O'Sullivans. It's kind of a tradition we've developed after our Takaoka trips. O's is an interesting place, and I actually like it a lot. Usually there are barely any people in there on a Sunday night, but tonight it was pretty busy. There is one room where the bar and tables are, and then on the other side is a room with a stage and a bunch of tables and booths. There's never been anything going on in the other room when we've been there. But tonight there was. It was a comedy night, where apparently different people took turns taking the stage and sharing jokes.

We didn't actually ever go in and listen to anyone, but there was a funny thing that happened to me. At least I thought it was funny. When we came down Main street I kind of thought I saw what looked like a young boy sitting on the bench in front of O's smoking a cigarette. I figured I must have just been seeing things and didn't think much about it. But when we went in, I really had to go to the bathroom, and to get to the men's room you have to walk into the room with the stage and go right in front of the stage to get there (the men's room is behind the stage). I still didn't know anything was going on in there, and when I went into the other room... there was this guy on stage telling jokes who had to be less than 4 feet tall. He wasn't a midget, I don't think, but he was really short and small. And I just kind of froze - not knowing what to do. I was struck by how short he was, and also by a room full of people, so I kind of just went back to our table and "held it." Finally I couldn't hold it any longer and I got the nerve to walk through the crowd to the restroom. Fortunately by that time a more normal-sized person was on stage. I don't know, it seemed funny to me at the time.

In the end it was a really nice day all the way around. On the way to church in the morning I said to Jane that I "just wasn't feeling it" that day. But it was a really good service. The message was a very basic "Waiting on God" sort of thing, and the music was kind of spectacular. I couldn't even sing for a lot of it. Then we had a nice lunch with the Feipel's, good conversations all around, it was a nice day, and a great night to wrap things up with.

So... yeah... that's pretty much what happened yesterday.


MR said...

Always great to get out with the posse. I liked Dr. John's comment at Takaoka: "this place is like an adult Chuck E. Cheese."

Pastor D said...

Oh my...haven't been to O'Sullivens in about 30 years. Still have a few of their mugs