Thursday, May 01, 2014

So shines a good deed

I shared yesterday how I thought I had misplaced $189 at work. Well, apparently I didn't misplace it at all. I just completely forgot to collect it!

Just as I was closing Monday night a truck driver came in. His sales rep had rented him a storage unit at one of our competitors, but the trucker said there was no way he could get his truck up to it. So he came looking for a better spot at our place. I stayed 1/2 hour late, trying to help him find a suitable spot, and working through everything so it would all work out with his company. The trucker was going to pay the first month's rent in cash, then his sales rep was supposed to stop in later and switch everything over to his name. I distinctly remember the trucker counting out $190 in cash. I think I even gave him a dollar back. I just forgot to ever collect the money. So I thought I was going to have to eat $189.

Well, imagine my surprise when the manager at that location called me yesterday during my coaching class to inform me that the sales rep had called in, and... informed him that the truck driver told him I never took his money so he would need to pay the first month's rent! Whew. So apparently some honest people do still exist in this world.

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