Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We got a new oven

We finally bought a new oven this past Saturday. It was delivered yesterday. We've needed one ever since we bought the house. The one that was here was almost an antique, and just didn't cook very well. Jane had stopped at a couple of local places and looked at them awhile back. She decided that Sandpoint TV and Appliance was the best place for us to get one. It is just down the street from us, it's a small business, and they offered free delivery and disposal of our old one.

It looks pretty nice. Jane decided she wanted this Whirlpool that has the full-size grates on top. I guess this is what many of the gas stoves are going to. That way you won't tip a pan or something.

They also ran a new gas line when they installed the oven, and secured it to the wall. It looks pretty nice. Only thing is, I forgot to get a picture of the old one. Oh well... here is the new one.


MR said...

This is a VERY small business. I'm surprised this oven fit in that building! I mean it's small. They could carpet the whole place for under a dollar. Not a big place at all. Rhode Island could defeat them in a war. Okay, that's enough. Whirlpool, great brand! My fridge, that came with the house back in '98 is a Whirlpool and it's never given me a moment's grief. Nice lookin' oven.

Pastor D said...

Very small world in which we of our members is past owner of Sandpoint and another member of our parish works there.