Monday, June 09, 2014

Dr. john's party

Our friend Dr. John had his spring party this past Saturday. He always puts on a good party - especially when he puts filet mignon on the grill - and this one did not disappoint. It was a beautiful night and the food and fellowship was spectacular.

It also happened to be daughter Carrie's birthday and that made it all the better. Mike got her a chocolate cake with 'whipped' frosting - which is her favorite - and we all had a good time. We got her a growler of Summer Daze from Mad Anthony's, and I got to sample that too. I can see why it's her favorite as well.

There were a few less people in attendance this year - Kenny had to race, Amish John didn't make it, etc. - but there was still a nice crowd. I think this was Drew Carrie's first time there (and Caleb for sure), and Greg was a new face too. The rest were: Dr. John, Mike, Dave and Joni, and Jane and myself.

The highlights (other than the steaks) were Greg holding Caleb, and when officer Dave pulled out his ankle Glock. He appropriately emptied it before passing it around the table.

Besides the steaks that the good doctor supplied, Carrie brought a salad, Jane made the potato/veggie thing and some chicken wraps, Joni brought another kind of appetizer wrap, and somebody brought chips and salsa. Greg brought his own food since he is a long-time vegetarian.

So, that's about all I can remember. A super good time in a part of town we don't visit too often.


MR said...

Still trying to remember what I said that prompted Joni to make her announcement. Sheesh. All of a sudden we had the floor, as they say.

JAH said...

It was a great night. We should do that more often. :) It is also funny that the word I have to type to show that I'm not a robot is....banking.