Sunday, June 01, 2014

Isaac turns 26

Today is son Isaac's 26th birthday. Wow, it's hard to believe our youngest is that OLD. This will be a big year for he and his wife, Ricci, as they are getting set to move to Atlanta. He will begin work on his M. Div. at Emory, and Ricci already has a teaching job lined up. One thing about Isaac, he always seemed really laid back and quiet, but once he put his mind to something... he usually achieved it.

We will be going down to Anderson today to take them out to lunch. It seems like we haven't been there in a long time.

This is a picture of Isaac and a friend (Randy, maybe?) that Ricci posted on Facebook just the other day. Isaac is in front in the t-shirt. He's always been a good son; now he's a good man. Love ya, bud.

ADDED LATER: We had a super day at the Exodus House for the boys birthday. The Feipel's came down, and Stevo and Elise were there too. Here are a few pics...


JAH said...

Absolutely. It was a good day - 26 years ago and every day since. :)

Pastor D said...

Where does the time go? My kids are 27 and 25. Wow Godspeed & God Bless!