Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cleaned the garage

I've spent the last 5 hours or so cleaning the garage. Ugh. And it is HOT outside. But it needed it.

I threw a bunch of stuff away, I rearranged stuff, I hung stuff up, I swept, I used the blower, I sent some stuff over to Drew Carrie's (my old red wagon and my old pedal John Deere tractor).

I had two reasons for wanting to clean the garage. 1) I would like to paint the floor sometime. The concrete is starting to look a little nasty, so I'd like to use that garage floor sealer/paint stuff to try to keep it around for awhile longer. 2) I'm hoping to have room for a motorcycle in there one of these days. I think I actually might be able to do it. Maybe.

Now that I'm done with that... I need to mow the yard. It is way overdue as well. But it's still way hot. I suppose I should take a shower when I'm done with that. I'm pretty hot, sweaty and dirty right now.

So this is what Saturday's are all about, huh? :)

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