Monday, August 25, 2014


I had my 6-month dental cleaning this morning. The appointment was at 8 am, and I was out of there at 8:30. So I was waaaay early for work. But I was happy for the clean bill of dental health.

When I arrived and was waiting in the reception area there was another guy waiting too. He started asking about my Buick. Turns out he works for GM. He rambled on and on and was asking me all these questions, and giving me all this info about cars.... and I was still half asleep. I was glad when he got called back so I could just sit and space out. Since I don't start work until 9:30 I'm not used to be functional that early in the morning.

Once I got called back I went to my usual spot - the corner chair that looks out onto Jefferson Blvd. I can't remember my hygenists name, but I like her. She is real quiet and sweet, and she never asks me questions while she has her hands in my mouth. Mostly she just cleans my teeth, polishes them (I chose mint over cinnamon again), and then flosses. Then the dentist comes in and looks at my gums and each of my teeth. He is nice too. And that's pretty much it. I was a little surprised they didn't do x-rays, but maybe they only do that once a year.

So now I have a new toothbrush, tiny tube of toothpaste, and a small box of floss. :)


MR said...

I hear those people don't like to make toys.

Tom said...

And they like to hang out with misfits.