Friday, August 15, 2014

I don't want a pickle - and dr john's accident

Our friend Dr. John had a motorcycle accident last Saturday. Not exactly sure what happened, but I think he missed a curve and rolled with the bike down an embankment. He was near Fremont (or somewhere), and I guess he lay in the ditch bleeding for about a half hour before anyone found him. He broke his leg/ankle, quite a few ribs, the c-1 vertabrae in his neck, and scratched up his face pretty bad. None of us even knew it happened until like Tuesday(?). Mike and I went and visited him in the hospital that night, and I've stopped up to deliver him an ice cold Coca-Cola in the mornings on my way to work (I work just a mile from the hospital he's in). He hopes to be out of the hospital maybe next Friday.

Anyway, he has two motorcycles. I've wanted to buy his Kawasaki for awhile. It fits me just right, and is just about what I'm looking for. Well, it just so happens that he wrecked his Harley. He now says he is selling both bikes. So, while I hate the circumstances, I think I may actually get a motorcycle one of these days. I can't remember the specifics of it, but I like everything about it - other than the color (red). It would be great to ride to work and back, and take m'Lady out on evening rides around the countryside.

I've also always liked the Arlo Guthrie tune: "I don't want a pickle... just want to ride on my motor.. cy.. cle."

We'll see... I thought I was going to get to buy it once before. I'd be okay if he changed his mind. But if he doesn't... :)

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MR said...

well he mentioned it to me when I was there. The only pause he took was that he didn't want it to be a fateful transaction, because he'd feel terrible if it brought you so much as a skinned knee (paraphrased). But agreed it was a good home for it and I added that it fit you well in that you could have both feet solidly on the ground. Good idea double-checking a little further away from the concussion, though. He might sign his name Mickey Mouse or something. :D If you haven't already looked it up, sounds like he's asking blue book value.