Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Think about it (a jakob dylan story)

I'm friends with a lady in New York. We met on this thing called the "Reckless Country Soup" and we are both big Jason & the Scorchers fans. Last night she (Nadine) went to see Homemade Sin - which includes Warner Hodges (guitar legend from JATS, as well as Dan Baird - from the Georgia Satellites). Anyway, Nadine shared this story (and pics) about Jakob Dylan on Facebook this morning:
So Dan Baird and I are talking after the show and this guy walks up, interrupts and says, "Hi Dan, I'm Jakob", and waits for a response. Dan gets a quizzical look on his face and Jakob says, "Think about it". I knew immediately and left them alone to talk. Jakob is a huge JATS and Homemade Sin fan.

I LOVE Jakob's music. And also his dad's (Bob). Very cool that he is/was a Jason & the Scorchers fan like me. :)

Warner Hodges, Dan Baird, Jakob Dylan

Warner, Jakob, Nadine

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MR said...

Jakob Thinkaboutit, yeah, I've heard of him. Cool that's he's a fan. Could be a case of cyclical and perpetual influence.