Monday, August 18, 2014

Trying another church

We decided to check out another church yesterday. We've been attending the other one for about a year now, and while we really like the Sunday worship gathering... that's about all there is to it for us. We just can't seem to connect with anyone. Or else we just don't fit in.

So yesterday morning we went to C2G (Come2Go Ministries). We've been to this place a bunch for other events, but it was our first time there for a worship service. You can see the service from their Facebook page (if you watch it on the page). It is only about 10 minutes from our house.

I have to say, I was pretty nervous going in. I didn't know what to expect, and, honestly, I'm just getting tired of having to try so hard. Plus there's a little bit of fear that we're never going to fit in anywhere. I mean, who really wants an old broken-down pastor hanging around. I used to love visiting other churches, but now it's getting a bit awkward. So I was kind of glad that no one talked to us or recognized us (though Jane did see someone from work there; and Sunny Taylor leads worship).

Anyway, it was a little more "formal" than I expected. Not that it was overly formal, but I forgot that they're connected with some stripe of Lutheran Church. So they have communion every Sunday, and it was all fancily displayed. There were also quite a few people there who were dressed up (neckties and dresses). There were also plenty who were not dressed up. It was a pretty good mixture of ages and varieties of people. So in a way it made me feel a bit more comfortable. It was also not near as polished as the gatherings at Grace... and I like that. It was nice that everything wasn't "perfect."

The service starts at 10:30, and I would guess there were maybe a hundred or so people there. It was over just before 12. It was okay. They have coffee and donuts, and a pretty extended "passing the peace" segment. They also end with everyone saying the Lord's Prayer. I forgot we used to do that.

So... we'll see. I 'think' it might actually be our turn to be greeters at the other church this Sunday. Not sure if we should just go ahead and get out of that commitment, or if we should keep a foot in both doors. I don't really know what we're doing.



MR said...

I would imagine that in a small church it's a lot easier to make a contribution, but unfortunately you'd be back under the microscope. So I can see where you're kind of in a Goldilocks situation looking for "just right". Allowing you to participate, but not all Nelly Olsen up in your business. (yes, I just referenced Little House on the Prairie. My SISTER used to watch it).

Pastor D said...

Come2Go is ELCA

It you want to see a highly liturgical parish in action you should check out Redeemer Lutheran on Rudisill Blvd. (they do have a fb page)

When looking for a church/congregation/parish I direct folks to Acts 2:42. The 4 keys to church being church

1.strong in doctrine
2. Fellowship - whole families gathering together
3. Sacramental living - experiencing daily forgiveness, life, salvation
4. Prayer - taking our joys, sorrows, thanksgivings, praises to God.

An interesting book Jim and Casper go to church chronicles Jim (the Christian) and Casper (the atheist) visit of 25 different churches and their reactions/reflections of each visit.

No church gets it right all the time...but it's a goal...

bill Sloat said...


Take a shot at what we've been doing:

About once a month we've been sleeping in on Sunday and just Sabbath-ing, or resting. These have been our most pleasant Sundays in YEARS!!!

(Of course we regularly join in a house gathering during the week.)