Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend at the lake

We just got back from a wonderful weekend at Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, IN. Our friends, Tim and Vicki, have a condo along the lake and they invited us up. We left home Saturday morning and got home about an hour ago. It takes right about an hour to get there. We used Jane's GPS on the way up and it took us via rt. 33. On the way home we took rt. 13 to rt. 30, and that was much easier. The 13/30 junction is in Pierceton.

We arrived Saturday around noon, because the four of us had tickets for the Jimmy Buffett Cruise. It takes off from The Frog tavern, and is on a big party boat that holds about 200 people. It departed at 1 pm and returned to dock at 4 pm. The lower deck is enclosed and has a kitchen and seating area. The upper deck is open (with a top over most of it), and they had a DJ up there playing party music for the 3-hour trip around the lake. It was a blast. This is a pic of the four of us from the top deck (with a sailboat in the background).

None of us knew what to expect beforehand. They called us JBC virgins. So we tried to wear some bright colored beach attire. It was mostly people our age and older - though there were a few younger people aboard. Once the boat takes off you can get drinks at the upstairs or downstairs bar, and there were cheeseburgers downstairs. Pretty soon the upper deck was almost entirely a dance floor. As Tim said, there were probably a lot of artificial hips being tested out that day. But it was a blast. Old drunk people are generally much more fun than young drunk people. Old people no longer have anything to prove. So... we munched on some burgers, and kept our balance on the upper deck grooving to the tunes and taking in the sites of the lake. Again, it was a blast. We even saw one person Jane used to work with at the pizza place as well as a couple current customers of hers. They were having a good time too. It was also a beautiful day to be on the lake and there were lots of boats that went by to to waive at us.

After that was over we just hung around Tim and Vicki's place. We like them because they are really laid back like us. We went out for supper and then went to the Syracuse movie theater and saw 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' I thought that was a blast too. I don't know how great it is as a movie, but it was fun and funny. It helped that they were showing it in 3-D too.

When we got back to the condo we took a bottle of wine down to the dock and polished it off. Then we all went to bed around 11 pm.

We got up this morning around 8 or so. There is a church service on the lake at like 8:30, but we didn't get around in time to get out on the water to participate. We could kinda sorta hear it from their balcony. So we lazed around, had coffee and breakfast, then we packed up a lunch and went out on the lake in their red pontoon boat. It was very relaxing. The waves tossed us around a little, but we just cruised around and took in the sun. We made our way back to shore and headed for home just before 3 pm.

They have a nice little condo space on the second floor. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Tim made bunk beds in both guest rooms that are queen size on the top and bottom. I thought that was a good idea. I also liked the condo over a rental house. I would think there would be way too much upkeep to owning a lake home. With a condo you can let someone else do all that work.

All in all, it was a very nice weekend. Very relaxing, but fun also. Good times.

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Pastor D said...

The Inn is under new management...have met there for a regional pastoral confrence. Scenery is wonderful and the food terrific. With respect to programming the fact that they got me to show up should be a celebration.

Glad you had a relaxing good time!