Monday, September 01, 2014

House guests

Our nephew, Dr. Tim, and his lovely wife spent the night at our house last Thursday night. They were on their way to Virginia for a wedding, and even though it was a half hour out of their way, they drove through Fort Wayne to see us.

They arrived around midnight Thursday night, and then left around 10 am Friday morning. We met Carrie and the kids at the local Spyro's for breakfast. It was a short stay, but it was nice to visit with them nonetheless.

They got stopped by a cop on their way here because they had a headlight out. We were going to fix it Friday morning, but Tim googled how to do it and decided against it. Apparently for their GM SUV it requires 30-40 minutes just to change a bulb. It begins with removing the front tire. Who in the world thought THAT would be a good idea?!? So they just left it until their trip is over.

I also loan Tim several Henri Nouwen books and a Eugene Peterson book. Glad they can be put to use.

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