Friday, September 26, 2014

I got a new phone...

Egads. I broke down and got a stinkin' iphone yesterday. I think half the reason they call these things "smart" phones is because they make people like me feel so stupid. I was proud of myself that I actually figured out how to MAKE a phone call (while still in the store parking lot), but I can't say that I know how to RECEIVE a call yet. So don't call me. I can do text.

Anyway, they didn't sucker me into getting an iphone 6, but they did sway me towards the 5S. Actually, several people did. Fortunately it still has iOS7 instead of 8. That's the last thing I need is a too-smart phone that doesn't work.

I was leaning heavily towards a Samsung Galaxy - just because I didn't want the stigma of owning an iPhone - but I don't like the large phones. I need something that fits into my pocket. I also thought of just getting a flip phone again, but.... you know.... these smart phones are kinda nice. Once you figure out how to use them.

So I will be spending much of today trying to figure things out and set things up. I envision myself sending out mass text messages and filling Facebook up with location notifications and whatnot. I suppose I should steer clear of strip clubs and crack houses for a few days.

I do need to make a trip back to the Verizon store to get my free tablet though. With the purchase of my phone I get a FREE tablet (don't even know what kind). I didn't take it yesterday because I wasn't going to be persuaded into any of those "extras" they try to stack on. I was chided for not taking the tablet when I got home. After I got home I went to Walmart and got an $8 case and $3 screen cover. I might have went without the case, but I suppose they make them slippery for a reason (so you have to buy a case). Whatever.

That's about it. Actually, that's enough for me for one day.

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