Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mowing leaves

I mowed the yard yesterday. It was full of leaves, so I tried to mow all in one direction as much as I could to sort of push them towards the curb. I also lowered the deck down another notch, so it is in the 3rd lowest position (2 notches left below). The little guard/drag thing that goes across the back of the mower also started to fall off, so I took it all the way off. It was much easier to pull it backwards after that. And... I also felt the mower deck crack a little more, so I'm thinking this may really be the last year for the ol' gal. Kind of sad.

Also, I got to wondering if this might be the last mowing of the year, so I looked back through my archives. Shoot, last year it was November 19. I'd say we still have at least a couple more to go.


Pastor D said...

Have mowed here every week since mid-April - hope it was the last for me. Garden is ready for hibernation.

Pastor D said...

I too might need a new mower next season...pawn shop?