Sunday, October 19, 2014

No church today

It's a Sunday morning and we are just hanging around our hotel room. We are visiting son Isaac and his wife Ricci in Atlanta, Georgia. We're going to their house around lunchtime. So we slept in, watched some tv, and took a walk around the block this morning. There was a day when I would have used this as an opportunity to visit an Atlanta area church - maybe Andy Stanley's church, or Ebeneezer Baptist (where MLK preached), and I even thought about Eastside Church (the pastor is from Huntington, IN) - but instead we're just lazing around. I'm not proud, or ashamed, just saying that's how it is. So... that's how it is this morning.

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bill Sloat said...

As I have pointed out on my blogs, attending a gathering is not defined by Jesus or any other New Testament person as an act of righteousness.

It is Shepherd Mafia doctrine that "flocking" is core to the life of the disciple. It is the teaching that is essential to the sin of ecclesiolatry.

Hebrews says that the disciple should not "neglect" gathering. That's as far as the New Testament goes.

Because of the way I was raised, it was difficult for me to miss attending a Sunday morning show. I still some times feel a flockist pinch when I choose not to join a flock on a Sunday.