Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The mark video

So, Mark D's name has been in the news again, and again, and again. Now he has finally resigned, and it's in the news as much or more than ever before. Make no mistake, I do not wish to defend anything he has done, nor comment on his resignation. Actually, I don't really know much about anything having to do with him. However, after watching this video, I would like to hear a defense for the behavior of those attacking his family (that's a rhetorical question - I can't think of a Christian defense for such a thing).

I will say this, I can relate to his situation only insofar as the pain I felt for my family when I was let go as a pastor. Say what you want about me - and, yes, it hurts too - but when my family is mistreated... well, that's not easy to take. To be perfectly honest, that's really the only thing that still gets me riled up.

Anyway, back to this video, I don't know who the guy is that asks Mark up to the stage - and I've never heard of this conference - but I think it's worthwhile to listen to. I like how he said, "Since someone's already been crucified for him, let's restore him with a spirit of gentleness." Hard to argue with that. I know I greatly appreciate those of you who have been there to help me find healing and journey towards restoration. Give the video a watch...


MR said...

Family as 1st Ministry, right on.

From the perspective of someone who can't be fooled, there you were wrecking yourself for these people who largely didn't appreciate it and didn't deserve it. Seeing the truer face of these people as you left was probably the best explanation of why this had to happen. Not to mention the subsequent convergence of better things around you that really leaves only the conclusion that this was SOMEone's exit strategy; just not yours. I think you were extracted from a poison environment.

bill Sloat said...

I have been wondering for a while now: Is Driscoll an APEST prophet who is trying to be a pastor?
Many of the things he has said/done have the feel of an Elijah or John the Baptist without self awareness.
Clearly prophets--self aware or not--don't do well in a clergy culture.

Pastor D said...

Do not want to appear insensitive but this seems to be orchestrated. Does not pass the smell test. But again I might be a bit cynical. Follow the money. Had to move three times?